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The Best California Cannabis Brands (Updated): With the advent of cannabis legalization in California, a flourishing landscape of innovative cannabis companies and brands has emerged.  California stands at the forefront of the cannabis revolution, boasting well-designed brands, top-notch flower quality, and a thriving community of visionary entrepreneurs. In 2024, we delve into the diverse array of brands, navigating through the maze to bring forth a curated selection of the leading cannabis brands. From established giants to up-and-coming innovators, this exploration aims to spotlight the trailblazers shaping California’s cannabis industry.  Find out the trends, innovations, and exceptional brands that define California’s cannabis landscape in this growing era of legalization and industry evolution.

Cookies (Branding)

Founded by rapper Berner in San Francisco, the Cookies Brand has rapidly expanded its presence internationally, establishing stores across the United States, Canada, and Spain. With a substantial social media following and a steadfast fan base, Cookies upholds its reputation by adhering to the core values of “authenticity and genetics innovation.” The brand’s iconic baby blue and white logo, coupled with the popularity of strains like “Cereal Milk,” has propelled Cookies into the echelons of a half-billion-dollar enterprise. Beyond cannabis, Cookies has diversified into apparel and bongs, engaging in collaborations with brands such as Studenglass to develop their own branded Gravity Infuser. This multifaceted approach underscores Cookies’ ability to transcend the cannabis industry, cementing its status as a global lifestyle brand rooted in authenticity and innovation.

Pacific Stone (Flower)

Pacific Stone makes the bold statement on their website that they grow California’s BEST Greenhouse flower. They have every reason to be confident in scoring 3 to 4 of their flowers in the top 10 legal sales of all of California. With all the brands and buds out there, this is a huge accomplishment. Growing in a controlled environment looks to be paying off for Pacific Stone, creating a consistent bud that customers keep coming back for. Notable flowers are their Wedding Cake, which seems to be a hot trend right now.

Lowell Farms (Branding)

While most brands attempt a modern or artsy style, Lowell Farms went with a vintage, old-western look along with their now-iconic goat man.  Their brand plays along with the fact they had a farm established back in 1909 by William “Bull” Lowell. However, the brand was established in 2017. While they have a wide range of products, the popularity still seems to be within their niche of pre-rolls.

Cannabiotix – Cereal Milk (Top Flower)

As of 2023, Cannabiotix’s Cereal Milk is still the top seller in all of California.  Although I never came across Cannabiotix when I was in California, they state on their website they’ve been doing this for “20 Years”. Their experience in genetics and breeding has paid off. They have won multiple Cannabis Cup awards. Their Kush Mountains flower is ranked a top strain and looks quite tasty.  My one knock on CBX though is their packaging, it could use a re-design.

Stiiizy (Vape Pens)

Stiiizy Cannabis Vape

Created by James Kim who served in Iraq in the 101st Airborne Division, looked for a way to cope with his PTSD. Cannabis was the answer and that opened up an opportunity to build his own brand. And that he did, Stiiizy which stems from the word SoCal word “Steez” mixed with the three I’s (Inspire, Innovate, and Influence). Stiiizy is far ahead of the competition, holding all the Top 5 spots in sales for Cannabis Vape Pens in California. The brand is a giant and there seems no slowing down either. Boasting over 22 awards on their website, they have also been featured in media from the Joe Rogan Podcast to Vice. Currently, their most popular product which sits at #1 is the Blue Dream Distillate STIIIZY Pod (1g).

Yummi Karma (Tinctures) 

Yummi Karma emerges as a pioneering force in the cannabis industry, distinguished not only for crafting delicious, premium marijuana tinctures but also for actively advocating cannabis policy reform at the federal level. As the inaugural state-licensed cannabis manufacturer in Orange County, Yummi Karma offers an array of THC and CBD tinctures, featuring award-winning flavored THC drops and introducing innovative sister cannabinoids. Proudly sister-owned, the brand embodies the ‘sisterhood of cannabinoids,’ standing as a beacon of female empowerment in the cannabis space. Notable among their offerings are the Lights Out Marshmallow Natural Sleep Tincture and Drift Away Bedtime Tincture (300mg THC, 30ml), catering to those seeking a restful night’s sleep. Yummi Karma seamlessly blends delectable flavors with a commitment to progressive cannabis initiatives, setting a high standard for quality and advocacy in the industry.

THC CBN 2 1 Indica Elderberry Gummies 10 Pack

Image Credit: MichellePearlGee (Santa Cruz Naturals)

WYLD (Edibles)

As the nation’s best-selling cannabis gummies, WYLD introduced gummies with the use of real fruit. They range from fruity flavors such as Huckleberry and Marionberry. Since 2015 WYLD slowly climbed up and has managed to separate itself from the pact in the gummies category. Most of their gummies have only 5 calories, 0 cholesterol, 0 sodium, and 1g sugar, yet still, pack enough THC and CBD to give you that nice buzz. And if you’re not into getting stoned, they have CBD-only gummies available too. As of right now the most popular product is, THC/CBN 2:1 Indica Elderberry Gummies 10-Pack. Followed by 3-5, is the Indica Marionberry Gummies 10-Pack, Sativa Raspberry Gummies 10-Pack (100mg) and Hybrid Huckleberry Gummies 10-Pack.

Kiva (Edibles)

Kiva has a wide range of variety for edibles. They have everything from Chocolate bites to Sour Gummies and event Mints! Starting from a home kitchen in 2010, Kiva quickly jumped to the #1 edibles brand in the country. Their website states that they are “the first edible makers in the country to self-impose stringent standards for potency, production, packaging, and testing”

Best California Cannabis Brands

Image Credit: Raw Garden

Raw Garden (Extracts)

The raw garden took its mission to develop cannabis into a sustainable agricultural so seriously that they went out to study not only how cannabis is grown, but how all crops are grown in California’s specialty crops such as ” berries, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, squash, vines, citrus, nuts, and flowers”. As a result, their attention to detail and hard work paid off. They now have some of the best-selling Resin across the country. They hold down 3 of the Top 5 spots in sales. These include the “Pink Lemonade Live Resin Sauce (1g), Black Garlic Live Resin (1g) and the Hella Jelly Live Resin (1g). 

Bear Labs (Concentrates)

Big Oil has been around since 2011. Bear Labs falls under their portfolio, along with other popular brands such as CES, and WVY. The BEAR stands for Botanical Extractions and Research Labs. In previous years their Wedding Cake was the most popular, but now their Jungle Cake Live Resin Budder currently sits at #1 in the extracts category in California. They write on their site they are “committed to providing superior concentrate products that consistently offer exceptional experiences” and it looks like they are doing so by customer sales and support. 

Papa & Barkley (Topicals)

If you’re in the SoCal area, you most likely came across Papa & Barkley. They dominate the topicals market, and they are quite active in the community. Whether it’s trying out their new products are getting foot massages with their CBD creams, Papa & Barkley is an absolute force! They also stepped outside the topical realm and offer such products as CBN gummies for sleep relief.

st ides drinks
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ST IDES emerged in the late 80s and rose to streetwear prominence during the 90s hip-hop golden age, becoming an iconic symbol associated with the pioneers of the genre. Over three decades, ST IDES has evolved into a rebellious emblem, embodying the spirit of those who helped shape it. Among their popular edible beverages is the Maui Mango Infused High Tea, featuring a proprietary formula with nanoemulsion technology for a rapid onset that elevates your experience. The Georgia Peach High Tea offers a quick onset for those seeking a mood lift. The best-seller, Wild Raspberry High Tea, packing a punch with 100MG of THC, delivers a nostalgic iced tea experience. They also have, the Cannabis Infused Shot, now in liquid form, surprises with potency—each 4oz bottle contains 100MG, which seems like a lot. We recommend taking these with caution. THC. ST IDES continues to redefine the cannabis beverage game, blending history and innovation in every sip.

eighth brothers pre rolls gg4

Image Credit: Kure Wellness Medical Dispensary

Eighth Brother Inc (Pre-Rolls)

Although they don’t take the #1 spot, (that goes to Sword & Stoned) they hold down 3 of the Top 5, which is really impressive. These top 3 pre-rolls include the “Snickerdoodlez Pre-Roll (1g), Blue Dream Pre-Roll (1g), and Gorilla Glue 4 Pre-Roll (1g) all classic strains that have been around for a long time. What’s interesting is their pre-rolls like their Snickerdoodlez state that “Made from shake and flower from our high-quality Snickerdoodlez strain”.  It’s interesting they state shake is the pre-roll, perhaps that is the reason why you can get 1g pre-roll for under $3 at the time of this article. Eighth Brother is grown in Mendocino County, California, and is a “multi-generational, family-owned brand.

Best California Cannabis Brands

Exploring the best cannabis brands in California for 2024 unveils a dynamic landscape of innovation, quality, and evolving consumer preferences. These brands showcase a commitment to excellence, leveraging cutting-edge cultivation techniques, and embracing the latest advancements in product development. From iconic names like Cookies, boasting international acclaim and a diverse product range, to trailblazers like Yummi Karma, advocating for cannabis policy reform and offering exceptional THC and CBD tinctures, California’s cannabis scene continues to redefine industry standards. Each brand represents a unique blend of authenticity, creativity, and dedication to providing consumers with unparalleled experiences. As we navigate the ever-expanding world of cannabis, it’s clear that California remains at the forefront of shaping the future of the industry, setting the bar high for excellence, sustainability, and consumer satisfaction in 2024 and beyond.

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