Best Selling Cannabis Brands in Canada 2022

Shred product line

These are the best-selling products across 3 of the major Canadian provinces.  They range from flower products to vape pens, to edibles and beverages. Shred the brand from Organigram was a pleasant surprise. They did a great job with their marketing with the neon colors and have one of the best flower sales for their strain Tropic Thunder. Mind you though, because it is best-selling it doesn’t necessarily it means the best quality. We realized looking over the data, some (not all) of the best-sellers are Reggie (budget) weed. Life has gotten a lot more expensive, especially weed in the legal market. There is a growing trend for consumers to buy larger quantities such as ounces, so they can save on costs. The daily smoker is definitely feeling the pinch. It’s nice to have premium bud all the time, but it is a luxury and comes at a cost. Therefore, brands like Shred, Redecan, and Twd will find them on the Top-Sellers list. 


Shred a division of Organigram, went a different angle, and tried something new. Instead of flower, they serve up pre-milled flower in their packs. Back in the day, we call them shake bags, so this was a little surprising that customers would be interested in them. The great thing is that shred comes at a much lower cost than flower, and it seems to be a hit with consumers. Price does matter and Shred jumps to #1 and #2 seller in the Ontario flowers category, with Tropic Thunder and Funk Master.

MTL Cannabis

Bonjour! MTL Cannabis was founded by two brothers, Rich and Mitch who were raised in Montréal. They started their cannabis journey with hydroponic supply stores then moved on to get their ACMPR to grow license to become cultivators. It turns out their experience with hydroponics really paid off. The Sage ‘N Sour is what put them on the map, a mix of one of our faves Sour Diesel & S.A.G.E. Even consumers in BC love it, as it sits in the Top #5 in flower sales over there.


Spinach Farms Food Truck launchSpinach

Spinach a brand from The Cronos Group, currently sits at #3 in Ontario flower sales for their GMO Cookies. Although on their website’s poll, it seems like their more popular strain is Atomic Sour Grapefruit. The last time I was inside a Spirit Leaf dispensary, the budtender mentioned that Spinach was really popular with customers. Take it with a grain of bud, but I felt he was honest. The name is simple, yet clever. The branding is dope. We see great things for Spinach in the future.


A brand from the Auxly Cannabis Group, is grown out of Prince Edward Island. One of their messages is to “Embrace the freedom of the outdoors”, or find the “simple joys found in nature”. They ran a campaign called the “Monday Merries” which looks to make Mondays into a Funday. You don’t need to only get stoned on the weekend, but instead why not start off your week getting baked? Currently, their popular strain is the Wedding Pie, a mix of Wedding Cake and Grape Pie.

Pure Sunfarms 

Pure Sunfarms is grown currently out of Fraser Valley in British Columbia, they state on their site “pure, potent, aromatic cannabis that made BC Bud famous, fills our grow rooms with its fragrance, and connects us to a lineage of growers who loved plants just like we do“. Their brand revolves around this natural organically grown vibe, and it seems to work well for them. Whenever you mention BC Bud around the world, you know it’s coming from a good source.


Carmel is off to a good start for this year, taking home 4 Kind Awards They won “Brand of the Year, Craft Brand of the Year, Best Indica Flower, and Best Sativa Pre-roll” Grown out of the Lake Simcoe area, Carmel (not Caramel) made it a focus not to follow the commercial route. They stateWhen you go for quantity over quality it doesn’t work. Reggie weed doesn’t sell, and the only way is to focus on Quads, people are waiting for it, and it sells out.”


Redecan falls under the HEXO umbrella and maybe their most successful brand so far. Cultivated in Ontario and Quebec, Redecan in our opinion falls more under the budget weed category. We think that’s why they have such high sales. In the dispensaries we’ve visited there is definitely a trend of finding Redecan products at the lowest price. Not everyone has to grow quality strains, sometimes you want just a bit of bud for the weekday and not break your wallet.

Color Cannabis

weedmd color brand

Color Cannabis falls under the WeedMD family. A really nice facility in Strathroy, Ontario we actually visited pre-pandemic.  Strangely this East coast grown herb is doing very well on the West Coast. The Pedro Sweet Sativa, Ghost Train Haze, Mango Haze, and Blueberry Seagal all rank in the Top 10 in the pre-rolls category.


Grown in small batches exclusively in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, they state on their siteStrains in our Doja Okanagan Grown collection are cultivated using a blend of old-school technique and plant science” And one of those old school techniques is to hand trim all their buds. We all know how many trichomes are lost when run through trimmers. This could be a reason why DOJA is a hit, BC Bud without the loss of much terps. Their current popular strain is the Ultra Sour, which was once known as their Doja Dream.

Good Supply

Good Supply is part of the Aphria family, they’ve been making a lot of noise lately. Especially in the Vapes and Pre-Rolls categories. Grown mainly out of Leamington, ON their popular strains right now are Jean-Guy, Monkey Glue, and Growers Choice (sounds like a name from Costco). 

7 Acres


The former back-2-back Brand of the Year, 7 Acres is part of the Supreme Family. A brand we see sometimes see around the underground scene. Their website states they are “committed to providing you with High-End Cannabis, guaranteed”.  However, as of 2021 Supreme is now part of the Canopy umbrella, so let’s see what happens next for 7 Acres.  The popular strain currently for 7 Acres right now are Jack Haze, Sensi Star & White Widow. 

Keep an eye out for these guys:

  • Palmetto
  • Vortex
  • RAD (Really Awesome Dope)
  • General Admission
  • Wana
  • XMG
  • Bake Sale
  • Namaste
  • 1964 Supply Co
  • 3 Saints
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