Hey, so you found daddy’s stash pipe and you realized it isn’t just for tobacco. Dad likes to smoke the green goblin and kick back to some Jimmy Hendrix.   For those fortunate to have a sesh with pops, you know it opens up a whole new level of bonding. But even better, now you have a whole arsenal of amazing gifts for Dad for Father’s Day. Say goodbye to those boring neckties and get him something he can really enjoy. We list for you some of our favorite gifts for dad, not only for smoking but also when he is also baked AF.


Porshe Design P’3639 Lighter

porsche lighter

Yes, Porshe also makes lighters. This think and sleek design that matches Porshe’s style fit comfortably in the pocket. Dad will never feel so cool with his buddies when he lights up the ol’ pipe with his 0-100 lighter. This High-quality lighter sits in an exclusive metal casing. The protective cover conceals a modern quartz mechanism producing a jet flame.

Nike Burrow Shoes

nike sliders shoes

Dad might be hesitant at first, but once he slips his feet into these bad boys he will understand. The burrows provide excellent comfort levels and great support for his old man’s knees. His stoner self will appreciate not having to struggle to put on his other tight shoes or tie his shoelaces. There is also a nifty little pocket for his Mollys.

Puffco Budsy Bong

puffco budsy

Dad is a bit old school and might be a little embarrassed to let the family know he has a bong. The Budsy is disguised as a water bottle, but when you pop the lid off it turns into an amazing water bong. Just make sure when dad is stoned he doesn’t take this to the gym and drink that used-up bong water.

Classic Wooden Grinder w/ Jar 

gr8tr jar main compressor

This stylish Grinder by Ryot, combines a modern look with its glass base while keeping the classic wood that you’re familiar with. There’s something about wooden grinders you remember from back in the day, that gives you that comforting feeling. Dad will appreciate it instantly when he starts grinding his first few buds.  

CBD Pre-Rolls by Dad Grass

DadGrass GeorgeHarrison hemp cbd

These CBD + CBG pre-rolls were tailor-made for Dad! The website states “Like your dad’s stash, we keep things easy and dependable, never fancy or complicated”. These hemp-derived joints are strictly CBD so they will not get Dad High. 

Portable Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player

suitcase turntable black victorla

Enjoy classic vinyl records on the go! This great gift for dad is a blue tooth suitcase! This means the sound comes directly from the case! The sound is amazing, and once you’re done just simply close it up and carry it around to the next spot. The suitcase is both stylish and comes in a variety of colors, including a UK-themed suitcase. The best part about it, it’s only $50! 

Premium Wagyu Steak Delivery

ogata a5 wagyu ribeye 800x

You don’t need to go to Japan to get some of its best cuts. Holy Grail Steaks provide some of the best Japanese and American steaks delivered to your door! Give your dad the best munchies possible with a nice fatty steak that will melt in his mouth. This 14 oz steak is only $270, but your dad will love you forever. 

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