3D Wooden Marble Puzzle

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Infinite ball rolling fun

Wooden Marble Run: A Mesmerizing Engineering Feat

Unleash Creativity with 294-Piece Marvel Dive into the world of engineering and creativity with the Wooden Marble Run. This captivating set features 294 pieces and 10 marbles, providing an immersive building experience. The end result is not just a puzzle; it’s a mesmerizing marble run machine that brings joy and fascination.

Unique Aesthetics for Visual Appeal Unlike typical wood puzzles, this marble run stands out with its black-grey appearance, metal nameplate, and acrylic pieces. The unique design enhances the visual appeal, allowing you to witness the marbles in action as they roll through various channels. The crank, operated by large gears, propels the marbles to the top of the machine, adding an extra layer of excitement.

User-Friendly Assembly with Spare Parts and Support The package includes a comprehensive instruction booklet with large, detailed pictures for easy part identification. In case of any mishaps, a spare parts sheet is provided, and customer support is available for assistance. This wooden marvel offers a stimulating alternative to traditional jigsaw puzzles, catering to those seeking a more advanced and engaging building experience. Place it on your bookshelf, and watch as friends inquire about this captivating creation.


  • 294 pieces
  • 10 marbles
  • Unique black-grey appearance
  • Metal nameplate and acrylic pieces
  • Crank mechanism with large gears
  • Instruction booklet with spare parts sheet

The Perfect Gift for STEM Enthusiasts Surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful Christmas or birthday gift. Ideal for wood enthusiasts and those who love a challenge, this STEM puzzle requires around 7 hours of concentration for a rewarding assembly experience. Elevate your puzzling adventure with the Wooden Marble Run – a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and entertainment.

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