Brick Building Waffle Maker


Wake and Bake just got a lot more creative.


Ever since we were kids, there have been two important meal time things we’ve heard over and over: breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and don’t play with your food.

  • Patent Pending Building Brick Waffle Maker – Make 14 unique cool and fun brick-shaped waffles in minutes!
  • Non-Stick waffle maker- Featuring 14 mini building brick-shaped waffles. Waffles come in single, double, and quadruple brick sizes
  • Make breakfast fun and exciting – Build waffle houses, cities, and much more for a creative and entertaining breakfast!
  • Delicious Novelty Waffler Iron for Kids AND Adults- The most creative waffler you’ll ever use, and your kids will love it, too!
  • As seen on Kickstarter. Great gift for the holidays, birthdays, and more!
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