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Edoughble is the first and ORIGINAL edible cookie dough, and it is our life’s work to create the very best innovative sweet shop with your health and happiness in mind. We not only craft the most delightful treats you’ve ever tasted, but we do so using only all-natural and clean ingredients. With our Founder and Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef Rana leading the charge, our edible cookie dough is made in small batches, with NO egg, NO raw flour, NO chemicals. Why? Because we want your smile to be a little brighter knowing we’ve got your back when you taste the best edible cookie dough and premium baked goods on the market. So, grab a pint for yourself, and one for your friends & family, and enjoy our indulgent treats every chance you get. You’ll discover why our 5-star reviewed product is far from cookie-cutter!

  • MIXING BOWL FLAVOR – Old-school flavor gets a modern makeover in this classic combo of creamy cookie dough and premium Callebaut dark chocolate. Enjoy this creamy cookie dough taste with that mixing bowl flavor that takes you back to way back when, this time with an all-natural, safe to eat, delicious edible dough.
  • MOM APPROVED – The secret to what makes these chocolate chips edible and safe to eat lies in its all-natural non-GMO ingredients, plus the fact that we use NO egg, NO raw flour, and NO chemical leavener. Finally, you can get creamy, delicious peace of mind while getting your cookie dough fix.
  • MIX IT UP – This tasty all-natural chocolate chip cookie dough is great on its own, but where’s your sense of adventure? Mix a cookie dough scoop with ice cream, Rice Krispy treats, cupcakes, or pretzel rods, and see what else you come up with! Try this fun experience with the whole family or as a new date night idea.
  • THE BUZZ IS REAL – Appearing everywhere from Jimmy Fallon and Buzzfeed to Glamour and USA Today, see for yourself why everyone is talking about our delicious edible cookie dough. One spoonful of perfectly balanced sweetness is all it takes to show you why the buzz(feed) is real.
  • TASTE THE DIFFERENCE – Unlike other raw cookie doughs (which AREN’T 100% safe to eat and DON’T have premium ingredients like Callebaut dark chocolate), our delicious chocolate chip cookie dough has complete texture and taste. Perfectly balanced ingredients make this, unlike any other dough you’ve tried, and ensure there’s no mess of extra sugary consistency after a single bite. If you’re gonna go for cookie dough, go for the best. Find out what puts us a step above the rest, and taste the difference for yourself.
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