Giant Mini Putt Rug

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Putt Balls, Not Butt Plugs



The large indoor FORB Professional Golf Putting Mat is designed to practice your putting technique at home. The robust indoor putting green, available in two sizes, are manufactured with polyethylene and polypropylene for ultra-durability and a realistic feel. The 12mm (0.5in) allows a smooth flat surface which is compared to professional golf greens, whilst the 40mm (1.6in) polypropylene surrounds the green with a rough texture for an added game-like feel and home protection. Designed with four different holes across the mat, the golf putting mat provides various amounts of difficulty to increase the challenge of putting. Each putting hole is decorated with a red flag top for increased visibility when practicing.

  • Smooth putting green which replicates a game-like feel
  • Putting mat is surrounded by rough green to protect the home from wayward balls
  • Available in two sizes for a space-efficient home set-up
  • Four putting holes are placed around the mat to create a unique challenge
  • Each putting hole is topped with a red flag for easier visibility

FORB offers a wide range of golf mat equipment. For more, please browse the Hitting Mats category.

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