Glow in the Dark Soap


It’s never too dark to wash away fear


Introducing the Glowing Soap Periodic Table Soap! It’s Elementary® presents a unique and fascinating collection of Periodic Table of Element Soaps that are bound to captivate science enthusiasts, chemical engineers, and geeks alike. Elevate your bathing experience with these meticulously crafted soaps that not only cater to your love for science but also add a touch of novelty to your daily routine.

Each Element Soap in this extraordinary collection weighs a generous 4 ounces, ensuring a substantial and luxurious lather with every use. Infused with our delightful ginger lime fragrance, these soaps offer a refreshing and invigorating scent that accompanies you throughout the day. Packaged in a clear 3 x 3 inch gift box, these soaps make for a perfect present for the science lover in your life.

But what sets these soaps apart is their unique feature – the Radioactive Elements Glow in the dark! Simply expose them to light or sunlight for a few minutes, and witness the magic as they emit a captivating glow when placed in a dark room. It’s a mesmerizing display that adds an extra layer of excitement to your bathing ritual.

Whether you’re a chemistry aficionado, a science buff, or someone who appreciates the quirky and fun side of life, our Glowing Soap Periodic Table Soap is a must-have. Elevate your shower routine with these illuminating soaps and make a statement about your love for all things scientific. Unleash the glow, indulge in the fragrance, and celebrate the elements with It’s Elementary® Periodic Table of Element Soaps!

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