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Skeet Skeet Skeeeet Ball

Play the game you love not only in your childhood memories but in your home too! The Premium Skee-Ball® alley will bring the authentic arcade sounds and classic features you know and love right to your home. With a selection of 4 different sets of balls, our Premium Skee-Ball® alley will be a perfect fit for any player. Whether it’s for you or for a friend, the Premium Skee-Ball®

  • The best of both worlds. Classic skee ball gameplay with modern updates.

  • Large, color-changing in the middle of the game board that lights up after every shot, giving players a visual cue to know they’ve scored points

  • Double thick cork ramp for lasting durability and easy ball pickup

  • Durable rubber “hundo” targets to withstand the toughest throws and shots

  • Lit playfield target area to make it easier and more fun to see the tiny holes which require the ball player to roll a few extra inches

  • Bring back childhood days of sneaking up to the corner of the machine and dunking balls into the 100 mark
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