Immersive Gaming Pod


Say goodbye to going outside

ORB X: Elevating Immersion, Comfort, and Productivity

Immersive Multi-Purpose Station for a New Era Experience the epitome of luxury and technology with ORB X, a fully immersive multi-purpose station designed for gamers and professionals alike. This semi-enclosed station redefines comfort, taking your work, entertainment, and gaming experiences to unparalleled heights. Immerse yourself in futuristic design, impeccable craftsmanship, and seamless hardware and software integration that sets ORB X apart.

Features and Benefits for Ultimate Experience ORB X aims to enhance your immersive journey through a sleek, semi-enclosed cockpit with a motorized shuttle dome for superior privacy, support for up to three 27” monitors for immersive or multiple views, built-in surround sound speakers delivering a realistic soundstage without headphones, and an ergonomically designed recliner for customized comfort. This multi-purpose station fulfills diversified needs, ensuring you stay relaxed or focused depending on your activity.

Specifications for Unmatched Performance Exterior colors in Universe Black and Arctic White, a voltage range of 100 ~ 240 VAC, and power support of 1200 Watt for PC and monitors showcase the versatility of ORB X. With a monitor mount supporting up to three 27″ monitors and a genuine leather ergonomic recliner, this station is built for enduring comfort. The 2.1-channel 60W masterAUDIO system, ARGB LED lighting effects, and a robust USB-Hub further elevate the audio-visual experience.

ORB X redefines the way you work, play, and immerse yourself. With a weight of 343.5 kgs and dimensions of 1881 mm x 1810 mm x 2088 mm, this station embodies the perfect blend of luxury and technology, setting a new standard for immersive and productive spaces.


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