Inverted Lighter


Light Your Bong, Not Your Fingers.



Click the torch lighter ignition and as the switchblade cover opens. The dual windproof jets roar to life with their distinctive sound sure to mesmerize those around you. The iconic design is not only an engaging masterpiece to the eyes but superior in functionality.

The moment you first hold this lighter you are captivated by the look and feel of its premium materials. This unique, elegant, and performance-bred lighter is backed by our lifetime guarantee. Dissim torch lighter is windproof for lighting in the most extreme conditions and its dual jets are pointed to form an apex for the most precise lighting or toasting. With its patented circle grip this lighter lights upside down as well as it does right side up or angled. Whether it is for lighting cigars, pipe, tactical use, or just showing off this dual torch lighter is unique, premium, and iconic.

  • Low-temperature candle flame
  • Patented Circle Grip Design
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Butane refillable lighter with a fuel window
  • Adjustable flame
  • Angled flame port
  • High-quality trigger ignition
  • Lighters ship without fuel.
  • Instructions & getting started
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