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Stories and Laughter… A stoner’s greatest past time

It’s Kind of a Fun Story™ was created way before the start of the global pandemic and mandatory masks, so we could really use a good laugh. Friends are like family, people. It’s safe to say that we all have a lifetime’s worth of memories just from 2020.

It’s Kind of a Fun Story is a party game that will shatter every preconceived idea you have about your friends. Find out who loves roller coasters and who hates dogs, and all the secret things they’ve never told you. With a simple question like “Who’s been to jail?” or “What was your worst nightmare as a kid?” you’ll learn more about your friends in 10 minutes than in 10 years.

  • Uses cards to generate endless stories that are perfect for those who like a good laugh

  • Bring out the laughs using the 320 cards and an endless amount of stories to be shared

  • Customizable deck complete with removable R-Rated cards to keep things PG—or not

  • Deck includes 160 Story Cards, 40 Point a Finger Cards, 40 Left or Right Cards

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