King-Size Blunt Roller

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Extra Large machine that can roll some tasty blunts.

EZ Roller makes rolling joints much quicker and easier. Great for making those perfectly rolled cannabis joints on the go. Now with the King-Size EZ Roller, you can now feed cigar papers into the rolling machine as well. It still takes a bit of careful finessing, but it’s still much easier than rolling a blunt on your own. Plus you don’t have to sog it up so bad by licking the shit out of it. A homemade blunt roller? Life is good

Easy Steps

  • Open up the roller
  • Put inside your grounded up cannabis
  • Closer the Roller
  • Feed-in your blunt wrap of choice
  • Roll it down with your thumbs till the paper feeds all the way through
  • Open up the Roller
  • Done
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