Pack Your Own Cannagar

A true fatty that can last up to 2 hours!

Not actually a rolling device, but a way to pack your own cannagar.

Pack the Mold

Use the latch to lock the mold together and insert the skewer through the bottom hole. Place your ground-up flower down the mold shaft and use the packing tool to tightly pack your product in. Use a little flower at a time and pack as you go instead of doing it all at once for maximum compression. Make sure to press down hard with your packing tool and don’t be afraid to put some weight on it. The tighter you pack it, the slower it will burn!

Store the Packed Mold

We recommend storing the packed mold in a cool, dry place for at least 3 hours, but overnight works best. Your cannabis cigar will burn slower and smoother the longer it’s left in the mold.

Roll a Cannagar

Take your mold apart and carefully remove the Cannagar core. Wrap it to enjoy as a traditional Cannagar. Get creative by adding some wax or concentrates on the outside for a personalized touch. Use the wooden tip for a classier feel and protect your lips from the hot smoke.

Enjoy Your Cannagar

After you remove the skewer, light it with a torch lighter and enjoy. If you rolled your cannagar/thai stick without a wooden tip, place your mouth over the whole cigar to avoid burning yourself from the hot smoke.

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