Cooling Redness Eye Drops

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Clear red eyes with a minty feeling

Rohto Optic Glow® – your trusted companion for vibrant, comfortable eyes. Specially formulated for dry, red eyes, these eye drops stand out with maximum strength and dual lubricants, ensuring instant relief and hydration for irritated eyes. Rohto is the go-to choice for premium comfort, offering a superior solution without compromising on moisture.

Banish red eyes discreetly with Rohto Optic Glow® – perfect for keeping your cool when you need it most. Designed to tackle various eye irritations, these eye drops provide maximum strength redness relief. The dual lubricants work harmoniously to moisturize, delivering the ultimate Rohto® hydration experience while preventing dryness of the eye tissue.

What sets Rohto Optic Glow® apart is its commitment to eye health. Free from BAK, bleach, and dyes, these eye drops are safe for even the most sensitive eyes. Enjoy long-lasting relief for up to 8 hours, allowing you to conquer discomfort caused by dryness, burning, and pressure. The mess-free single-drop dispenser ensures convenience and minimizes liquid runoff when not in use.

Say goodbye to irritated eyes with Rohto Optic Glow® – the comprehensive solution that understands your eye care needs. Whether you’re combating redness or seeking hydration, these eye drops provide the relief you deserve. Elevate your eye care routine with Rohto Optic Glow®, the go-to choice for clear, comfortable eyes.

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