Cooling Redness Eye Drops

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Clear red eyes with a minty feeling

Rohto Optic Glow® is a trusted eye drop brand for dry, red eyes.  Their eye drops ar designed with maximum strength and dual lubricants to instantly soothe and moisturize irritated eyes. Rohto provides premium relief from dry, red eyes. without drying the eye tissue. Use Rohto Eye Drops to heal irritated eyes caused by dryness, burning, discomfort, and pressure. .

  • Hide the stoner red eyes from the cops killing your buzz
  • Provides maximum strength redness relief for just about any eye irritation.

  • Dual lubricants moisturize for the ultimate Rohto® hydration experience.

  • BAK, bleach, and dye-free: safe for sensitive eyes.

  • Soothes up to 8 hours. Mess-free single drop dispenser to reduce the running of liquid when not in use.

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