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Next level drum beats with lights

Roli Beat Maker: Lightpad Block Studio Edition – Innovative Drumpad Redefining Music Production

The Lightpad Block Studio Edition by Roli revolutionizes music creation, offering intuitive touch controls and versatile software for an immersive beat-making experience.

Features and Benefits:

  1. 5D Touch Technology: Experience intuitive sound manipulation with the Lightpad Block’s 5D Touch technology, enabling nuanced control over sound shaping and track construction.
  2. LED-Illuminated Surface: The LED-illuminated surface enhances versatility, allowing quick reprogramming for various production modes, making it more adaptable than traditional pad controllers.
  3. ROLI Studio Software Suite: Transform your soundscape with ROLI Studio, offering industry-leading sounds, effects, and production tools. With 400+ sounds, plugins, presets, and groundbreaking production utilities, it redefines music creation.

Specifications/Additional Benefits:

The Lightpad Block Studio Edition integrates seamlessly with other Blocks via magnetic connectors, expanding its creative potential. Its wireless and portable design ensures easy handling, fitting comfortably in one hand, empowering users to make music anywhere.

This innovative drum pad elevates music production, enabling users to craft tracks expressively and creatively. The ROLI Studio software suite opens doors to a vast array of sounds, effects, and tools, including Smart Chords, Equator2, Cypher2, Strobe2 presets, and expansive audio effects.

With a touch-responsive surface and LED illumination, the Lightpad Block Studio Edition delivers a brighter and more versatile music-making experience, making it an ideal choice for musicians, producers, and creators seeking an innovative and expressive beat-making tool.

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