Foldable Segway Scooter

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Segway made something cool.

Discover the next level of urban commuting with the Segway Ninebot AirT15, a sleek and powerful KickScooter designed for efficiency and style. Powered by a robust 250W motor, this cutting-edge scooter boasts a maximum speed of 12.4 mph, covering up to 7.5 miles on a single charge, and accommodating a maximum load of 220 lbs (100kg). (*Range influenced by factors like speed, stops, and temperature.)

Weighing in at a mere 23.2 lbs, the Air T15 is a lightweight marvel that can be effortlessly carried with one hand, thanks to its one-second folding system. Its portability makes it an ideal travel companion, easily stored in a car or on public transport.

Equipped with superior technology, the Air T15 features an innovative regenerative braking system that transforms energy into power, efficiently storing it in the battery pack. The Segway-Ninebot App, with Bluetooth connectivity, adds a layer of customization, allowing you to personalize LED ambient light colors and access various features.

Safety is a priority with built-in front and rear LED lights, ensuring visibility in low-light conditions. The AirT15 also boasts an IPX4 water-resistant rating, providing durability in varied weather conditions.

With a 12.4 mph max speed, 9.3 miles max range, 15% max slope capability, and a payload range of 66.1-220.5 lbs, the Air T15 is versatile and adaptable to various commuting needs. Its bezel-less dashboard, cruise control, retractable handlebar, and four riding modes further enhance the riding experience.

Step into the future of urban mobility with the Segway Ninebot AirT15 – where cutting-edge technology meets sleek design, offering a seamless and stylish solution for your daily commute.

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