The World-Series of Staring Game

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Fight to keep your droopy eyes open

Stare Off by Outset Media: A Riveting Gaze Showdown

Step into the intense world of competitive staring with Stare Off by Outset Media – the ultimate challenge of nerve and focus. This tournament-style knockout game pits players head-to-head in a battle of unblinking determination. The quest for the stare-off championship unfolds in thrilling games of best-of-three, testing your ability to maintain an unbroken gaze under pressure.

Equipped with a regulation headset that ensures the official staring distance, Stare Off introduces an element of strategy and nerves of steel. The referee watches keenly, ready to brandish the red card at the first sign of a blink, adding an extra layer of suspense to each round.

Stare Off is not just about maintaining eye contact; it’s a mind game where opponents use every trick to break your focus. Trash talk, psychological warfare, and the relentless pressure to hold your gaze make this game a test of both skill and mental fortitude.

The World Series Stare Off edition comes complete with the official WSSO competition kit and a referee whistle, elevating the experience to championship levels. Suitable for ages 8 and above, this game guarantees laughter, suspense, and fierce competition. Will you emerge as the stare-off champion, or will your eyelids betray you in the face-off? Only those with the steadiest gaze and nerves of steel will triumph in the world of Stare Off.

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