The Swiss Army of Pokers

Comes with a grinder, filters, and wicks inside

Introducing the TōkBud™ – your all-in-one solution for an elevated smoking experience. With eight indispensable features, this versatile bud ensures that your pipe stays clean, your smokables are prepped, and everything you need is right at your fingertips, wherever you go.

Experience a consistent, hassle-free grind with the TōkBud™ shark-tooth metal grinder. The lever action grinding feature allows you to pack the grinder to the brim, accommodating pipes of nearly any size. Post-smoke cleanup is a breeze with the removable steel scraper, perfect for resin removal from your pipe or collecting pollen from the grinder housing. Clearing stuck residue becomes effortless with the removable steel poker.

Achieve the perfect pack in each chamber without dirtying your fingers or lighter, thanks to the removable steel press. Stay well-prepared on the go with the EZ-pinch storage tray, ensuring you have your product ready whenever the mood strikes. Say goodbye to butane and light up with the retractable hemp-wick spool, and prevent Scooby Snacks with the emergency mesh screen storage.

The TōkBud™ even cares for your lighter, providing a built-in Mini BIC® lighter holster for safekeeping. Elevate your smoking ritual with this innovative, all-inclusive bud that’s set to become your go-to companion for a seamless and enjoyable smoking experience. Explore the convenience and functionality packed into the TōkBud™ – the only bud you’ll ever need.

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