Thunder Truck Solar Panel


Hot boxing to a whole new level

Thunder Truck Solar Panel: Revolutionizing Mobility Beyond Roads

Unveiling Thundertruck, an innovation that transcends conventional automobile design, purpose-built for the audacious. This EV disrupts norms by merging EV drivetrain adaptability with truck functionality, delivering unparalleled performance both on and off the beaten path.

Features & Benefits

Thundertruck boasts cutting-edge technology for exceptional adaptability and performance on any terrain. It offers superior power, torque, and handling, augmented by advanced driver assistance systems, ensuring safety and control.

  • Versatility & Efficiency: An environmentally conscious multi-purpose EV, Thundertruck empowers limitless exploration without compromising the planet.
  • Innovative Design: Its design prioritizes versatility, equipping it with an array of functionalities:
    • HD roof rack system with storage for solar awnings
    • Spacious cargo bed with easy-access steps
    • Extendable loading ramps for bike loading
    • Automatic side steps with illumination
    • Integrated camping tent and collapsible roof-mounted Bat Wing awning with solar fabric for recharging and shade
    • Multi-purpose side draw storage unit with slide-out kitchen
  • Solar Awnings: The collapsible solar awnings, a wild yet practical concept, offer stationary battery recharging and auxiliary shade, ideal for off-grid adventures.


  • Range Extender: Transforming Thundertruck into a 6WD powerhouse, this cutting-edge TT Range Extender offers an additional 2WD traction, enhanced payload, towing capacity, and serves as a portable battery pack for camping and work needs.
  • Performance & Range: Thundertruck delivers a combined driving range of approximately 560 miles (900+ km), ensuring extended excursions without limitations.

Thundertruck redefines adventure with its innovative design and capabilities. This EV’s solar awnings and the transformational Range Extender render it an unparalleled choice for the intrepid explorers ready to embrace the wild.

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