The Ultimate Ashtray

The Ash Vessel All-in-One Tray

A three-piece set that contains an inverted lighter, grinder, and other smoking devices. It is made out of a real walnut wood cover. Easily combine all your smoking accessories into one so you don’t have to scramble all the pieces together. Plus it looks posh enough to leave on the coffee table when not in use. The cover hides the disgusting ashes sitting in the tray for a cleaner experience. The base is a concrete-made base so you don’t have a flimsy ashtray, but something that will last you for a lifetime.

    • A distinctive 3-piece design that features a durable and handsome walnut wood storage tray

    • A concrete ashtray makes an attractive impression but is also durable and functional

    • Capable of accommodating larger, cigar style smokes and earlier models

    • A Walnut lid with a magnetic seal ensures a secure place to store ashes, coins, or other small items

    • Compatible with Helix, Air, Carbon, and other accessories (sold separately)

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