Water Filtered Vaporizer

Vaporize Smoke from the Future

Introducing the Hydrology9 NX, a cutting-edge modular water filtered vaporizer designed to elevate the experience for both concentrate connoisseurs and flower enthusiasts. Meticulously crafted with an unwavering commitment to preserving the unique vaporization attributes of each material, the Hydrology9 NX is a testament to innovation in vaporizer technology.

This integrated water filtration vaporizer boasts a switchable concentrate atomizer and a hybrid convection flower heating chamber, offering versatility for users to enjoy a tailored experience. With a replaceable and rechargeable battery, the Hydrology9 NX ensures continuous enjoyment without compromise.

Maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, the vaporizer provides full access for cleaning with a removable air path, ensuring optimal performance with every use. The magnetic USB charging port doubles as a convenient dab tool holder, enhancing the overall user experience.

The Hydrology9 NX’s temperature control is in a class of its own, featuring an adjustable temperature dial with six unique settings. Whether you prefer concentrate or flower, the Hydrology9 NX adapts to your preferences with precision and ease.

For concentrate enthusiasts, the Hydrology9 NX offers a 100% glass quartz bucket and a 100% ceramic bucket, paired with revolutionary titanium plate heating technology for a torch-like experience. The hidden quartz carb cap adds a touch of sophistication to your concentrate sessions.

For flower enthusiasts, the patent-pending dual-layer convection and conduction hybrid ceramic heating chamber deliver rich convection quality vapors, ensuring an unparalleled aroma and flavor profile.

Experience the future of vaporization with the Hydrology9 NX – where versatility, innovation, and uncompromising performance converge for an extraordinary vaping experience.

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