12 Person Floatie


The perfect circle for a sesh.

WOW World of Watersports Stadium Islander: Massive 12 Person Floatie for Ultimate Water Fun

The Stadium Islander from WOW Sports is a colossal 12 person floatie inflatable island designed for incredible water-bound parties and relaxation.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Spacious Mesh Seating: With 12 individual mesh seats, this 12ft diameter inflatable island ensures comfort for each partygoer. The open center oasis provides a private swimming area for kids amidst the lake or river.
  2. Convenient Design Elements: Equipped with a large grommet for secure tying off and an anchor bag, the Islander simplifies boarding and disembarking. Its heavy-duty PVC construction guarantees durability and safety for up to 12 individuals or 2640 pounds of weight.
  3. Massive Center Space: The Islander boasts a large open center, ensuring effortless entry and exit. The vast space offers ample legroom, allowing feet to dangle in the water, creating a relaxing and fun experience for all.

Specifications/Additional Benefits:

Constructed from heavy-duty PVC, the Stadium Islander measures 12 feet in diameter and features a vivid floral graphic design for added appeal. Its design caters to comfort and convenience, offering a perfect oasis for families, friends, or party enthusiasts seeking a unique water adventure.

This inflatable float is a versatile choice for party coves or leisurely river floats, adding excitement to water-based gatherings. Alongside its comfortable mesh seating, the Islander’s large open center space provides an ideal retreat for cooling off and enjoying a personal swimming area within larger bodies of water. Its user-friendly design ensures easy access, making every water experience memorable and enjoyable for all aboard.

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