Blazy Susan Spinning Tray

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A Rolling, Rolling Tray.


Pink Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray – Revolutionize Your Smoking Experience

Elevate your smoking sessions with the Pink Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray, a revolutionary design meticulously crafted for smokers by smokers. This innovative tray boasts small compartments catering to various smoking accessories and supplies, including lighters, pre-rolls, bangers, and even your cell phone. Experience the future of rolling trays with the Blazy Susan – where functionality meets style.

Handcrafted Excellence in Design – Features and Benefits

The Blazy Susan is not just a rolling tray; it’s a work of art. With a 15.5” diameter, this tray is constructed from high-quality birch wood, offering durability and a sleek rolling experience. The hand finishing with fine Italian varnish ensures a smooth touch, making it the perfect addition to your smoking ritual. The spinning feature makes this tray unique, ensuring easy access to all your smoking essentials. Built from the ground up through consumer feedback, Blazy Susan offers more functionality than any other rolling tray on the market, making it a must-have for smokers of all levels.

Quality Materials and Customization – Specifications for the Connoisseur

The Pink Blazy Susan, along with Clear Birch, Cherry, Black, and Walnut options, are crafted from high-quality birch wood. Each tray is hand-machined and sanded at the production facility in Denver, CO, showcasing a commitment to excellence. The birch option features a natural finish, while the stained trays (black, pink, cherry) go through a clear-coat process for longevity and easy rolling.

The walnut Blazy, highlighting the rich dark color of walnut wood, is clear-coated to accentuate the wood’s grain. For enthusiasts seeking premium options, occasional small-batch offerings in premium hardwood are available. Explore the array of customization options, from silicone inserts to dab pads, and discover why Blazy Susan is the preferred choice for smokers seeking both style and functionality. Upgrade your smoking experience today!

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