Floating Bed


Wetting your bed has never been easier.

Floating Bed: Embrace Nature’s Tranquil Movement

The Floating Bed ingeniously draws inspiration from plant tropisms, translating the natural movements of plants adapting to their environment into a unique, adaptable outdoor furniture piece. This revolutionary bed transcends mere relaxation, offering a sanctuary that cocoon users in comfort, protection, and adaptability.

Features and Benefits

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Floating Bed boasts a 2.20m diameter with a reclining backrest, designed to rotate 360º for optimal positioning. Surrounding this oasis of comfort are flexible “wedges” made of fiberglass or carbon, allowing users to manipulate the cover according to their desires, shielding from the elements or basking in sunlight.

Constructed from anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and premium Italian textiles, the Floating Bed epitomizes sophistication, offering an indulgent space to unwind solo or with companions. Its adaptability extends further, housing a discreetly positioned backlit champagne bottle beneath the central mattress. This unexpected touch transforms the bed into a grandiose lamp, seamlessly transitioning from indoor elegance to outdoor allure.

Specifications and Enhanced Benefits

The Floating Bed’s specifications showcase its exemplary engineering and aesthetic finesse. Entirely made of top-tier materials and meticulously crafted, it exudes exclusivity in both design and functionality. The innovative use of materials like fiberglass or carbon provides durability while the Italian textiles elevate its aesthetic appeal, ensuring a luxurious experience.

Moreover, its adaptable nature not only shields users from the sun, wind, or prying eyes but also offers a sense of security and privacy, catering to diverse needs. The bed’s transformative capabilities, coupled with its unparalleled craftsmanship, position the Floating Bed as an unparalleled piece, redefining opulent relaxation in any setting—be it a serene garden retreat or a chic indoor lounge.

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