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Vive Flow VR Glasses: Your Gateway to Immersive Entertainment and Gaming” Vive Flow VR glasses offer an all-in-one immersive experience, serving as a dedicated device for viewing 3D movies, videos, and engaging in gaming, providing an unparalleled sense of virtual reality.

Features and Benefits: Immersive VR Experience: Vive Flow VR Glasses provide an intuitive and straightforward setup, effortlessly connecting to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi to transport you into the realm of virtual reality entertainment.

Customizable Visual Clarity: Enjoy crystal-clear visuals by adjusting the diopter lens according to your visual requirements, ensuring a comfortable and focused viewing experience.

Comfortable and Lightweight Design: The glasses are designed for ease, comfort, and stability. With a professional double hinge fitting, they cater to various head shapes and sizes, making them easy to wear for extended periods.

Intuitive Control: Transform your mobile phone into a VR controller, navigating menus and executing functions using gesture control, providing a seamless and immersive interaction experience.

Stylish and Lightweight: Weighing merely 189g, these glasses offer a lightweight, unobtrusive design, ensuring full immersion without any discomfort.

Specifications (if available):

  • Weight: 189g
  • Compatibility: Designed to connect seamlessly with mobile phones for immersive VR experiences.

Vive Flow VR Glasses offer a gateway to a new dimension of entertainment and gaming, providing an immersive, lightweight, and stylish way to enjoy 3D movies, videos, and games. Please note, international buyers may need an adapter or converter for usage outside the US due to varying outlets and voltage standards.

This item offers an unmatched experience in the world of virtual reality, delivering a blend of comfort, style, and immersive entertainment that is sure to captivate users.

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