Glow in the Dark Paint


Late night creativity at it’s peak

Glow in the Dark Paint: Radiate Creativity in the Dark with Photoluminescent Magic

Features and Benefits:

Illuminate Creativity: Glow in the Dark Paint is a revolutionary source of renewable light energy that functions through photoluminescence. It absorbs surrounding light and emits a radiant glow in the dark, enabling countless creative applications.

Versatile Usage: This water-based paint boasts multifaceted uses. It can be used in its pure form or diluted with other acrylic paints. Its fluorescent and phosphorescent nature delivers vibrant results, whether used alone or mixed with other acrylics, offering endless possibilities for your creations.

UV Light Activation: Enhance its brilliance! The paint responds significantly to UV light, amplifying its fluorescence. The phosphorescent pigment swiftly charges under UV light, intensifying its glow for stunning luminosity.

Customizable Glow: Control the light intensity by adjusting water levels and blending it with various acrylic paints. Its quick-drying feature offers flexibility while creating, though it’s advisable to store it at moderate temperatures.

Safety and Inspiration: Prioritize safety by referring to the safety and warning chart available on our website. Find inspiration in the luminous spectrum that colors and shapes the world around us.


  • Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Properties: Reacts to UV light for increased brightness.
  • Dilution Flexibility: Allows for adjusting light intensity by mixing with water or other acrylic paints.
  • Quick-Drying Formula: Facilitates faster completion of projects and artwork.

Glow in the Dark Paint by Crisco promises spectacular results, empowering your creativity with its luminescent magic. Experiment, evolve, and unleash your artistic potential with this transformative medium, where your talent converges with its brilliance for mesmerizing outcomes!

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