Portable Micro Hotel


Travel minimal with comfort

Portable Micro Hotel: Compact Comfort and Convenience”

Introduction: The Portable Micro Hotel presents a unique concept, blending modern architecture, quality amenities, and innovation into a compact space. Ideal for budget-conscious travelers seeking efficiency and comfort in high-density urban areas.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Smart and Compact Design: This micro-hotel ingeniously integrates essential amenities within a small, yet functional space, offering a comfortable and enjoyable experience for guests.
  2. Digitized Rooms: Connected lighting and temperature controls through mobile apps allow guests to personalize their room experience, enhancing convenience and comfort.
  3. Civic Spaces Enhancement: In this compact setting, the hotel’s communal spaces play a pivotal role in fostering guest engagement, compensating for the smaller guestroom size.


  • Location: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
  • Design: Trapezoidal white cuboid with ample window openings and ergonomic interiors
  • Utilities: Equipped with a side table, chair, linear lighting, and well-placed sleeping spaces for functionality and aesthetics
  • Experience: Focuses on guest wellbeing and comfort with personalized designs catering to individual preferences.

Digital Downloads: Pre-drawn design blueprints are instantly available in PDF format, offering convenience and cost savings. Get access to these architectural plans for the prefab modern micro-hotel from ArchitectChin’s Etsy shop.

Conclusion: This Micro Hotel concept stands out with its user-friendly design, offering an affordable, digitized, and compact accommodation solution. Providing instant digital downloads, this prefab unit ensures convenience and comfort in urban spaces, allowing for flexible usage in various high-traffic areas.

Feel free to check out the Etsy store, ArchitectChin, for easy access to the digital blueprints of this innovative Micro Hotel design.

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