2 in 1 Hot Pot & K-BBQ


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The ANKYNE 2 in 1 Hot Pot & K BBQ is a versatile culinary companion designed to cater to diverse cooking preferences. This multifunctional appliance serves as both a hot pot and a Korean BBQ grill, delivering an array of cooking options suitable for various occasions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dual Functionality: Experience the convenience of a 2 in 1 cooking appliance that seamlessly transitions from hot pot cooking to grilling, offering versatility for culinary creativity.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Enjoy independent temperature settings for the hot pot and BBQ grill, allowing tailored cooking experiences and precise heat control for different dishes.
  • Rapid Heating Performance: With a robust 2000W double-tube design, this appliance provides rapid 8-second heating, ensuring efficient and quick cooking for your favorite meals.
  • Easy Cleaning and Safety: Its integrated design and separate pot allow effortless cleaning, while the use of safe materials, certified PFOA and BPA-free, ensures a safe and clean cooking environment.

Specifications/Bonus Benefits:

  • Product Dimensions and Weight: Compact in size at 1″D x 1″W x 1″H and weighing 12.1 pounds, this multifunctional cooker is both portable and efficient.
  • Smokeless Cooking Technology: Crafted from safe materials and designed to emit minimal smoke, this appliance guarantees a hassle-free, smokeless cooking experience suitable for indoor use without triggering smoke alarms.

Explore the versatility and efficiency of the ANKYNE 2 in 1 Hot Pot & K BBQ, an adaptable cooking appliance that transforms from a hot pot to a Korean BBQ grill, providing a diverse range of culinary possibilities.

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