Mouth Watering Mints


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Mouth Watering Mints: A Sugar-Free Sour Candy Experience

Satisfy your craving for sour candies guilt-free with the Mouth Watering Mints Variety Pack. This sought-after combination offers a delightful sour candy experience without the presence of sugar.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Cherry F Strength 150 – Subtle Tanginess and Pleasing Effect:
    • Enjoy the earthy sweetness and slight tartness of Black Cherry.
    • Relish the early autumn vibes while savouring this flavour profile.
  2. Sour Tangerine F Strength 175 – Mild Tanginess and Refreshing Appeal:
    • Experience the tangy and invigorating essence of Sour Tangerine.
    • Delight in its refreshing and warming tones, perfect for late autumn vibes.
  3. Lemon F Strength 250 – Strong Zest and Juicy Burst:
    • Revel in the zesty, sweet, and sour fusion of Lemon.
    • Experience the well-balanced flavours, reminiscent of mid-summer vibes that will captivate your taste buds.

Specifications: The Mouth Watering Mints Variety Pack includes three captivating flavours: Cherry with an F Strength of 150, Sour Tangerine with an F Strength of 175, and Lemon with an F Strength of 250. Each flavour offers a unique mouth-watering effect, catering to sour candy enthusiasts seeking a sugar-free indulgence.

Experience the tangy and refreshing delight of Mouth-Watering Mints, a fantastic choice for those seeking a sour candy experience that’s both delicious and sugar-free.

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