Cat Finger Sucker


Small enough to fit just your finger

Cat Finger Sucker: A Nostalgic Finger-Nibbling Experience

Embrace the Cat Finger Sucker, a robot pet that mimics the endearing nibbling habits of kittens and puppies. Designed to replicate a comforting nibbling sensation, this adorable device lets you relive familiar, soothing experiences without any worry about sharp teeth. Perfect for relieving stress during work hours, this compact robot pet sits elegantly on your desk, offering tranquility whenever needed. Named “Amagami Ham Ham” (translated as “nibbling nom nom” in Japanese), this device uses the HAMling system to recognize your finger, providing an array of sensor-controlled nibbling patterns. Its Hamgorithm algorithm ensures a fresh, engaging nibble each time, offering diverse and calming sensations comparable to massages or reflex actions. Crafted with soft resin in the lower jaw, it delivers gentle movement, simulating comforting sensations like mumbles or massages. For those familiar with the delightful, gentle nibbles of pets, this robot pet recreates that cherished experience without any risk of biting discomfort. Rediscover the nostalgic feeling of tender pet nibbles, evoking the adorable habits of young pets in a safe and calming manner. Experience the delightful sensation of finger-nibbling without any negative side effects, reminiscent of the playful habits of youthful pets.

Features and Benefits:

  • Mimics the sweet nibbling habits of kittens and puppies.
  • Offers a comforting nibbling sensation without the worry of sharp teeth.
  • Ideal for stress relief during work hours.
  • HAMling system recognizes fingers for diverse nibbling patterns.
  • Hamgorithm algorithm ensures varied, calming sensations akin to massages or reflex actions.
  • Crafted with soft resin for gentle, comforting movement.


  • Uses HAMling system for finger recognition.
  • Hamgorithm algorithm for diverse nibbling experiences.
  • Soft resin in the lower jaw for gentle movement and comforting sensations.
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