Light Up Baseball


Hit Homeruns not just in the bedroom

SPARK CATCH Light Up Baseball: Illuminating Baseball for Enthralling Playtime

Features and Benefits: Experience the Night Game: The SPARK CATCH Light Up Baseball adds an exciting dimension to your baseball games, enabling night-time play with its illuminating design. Enjoy baseball even after dusk, making playtime more versatile and engaging for players of all ages. Enhanced Visibility: This glow-in-the-dark baseball illuminates upon impact, emitting a vibrant glow for easy visibility in low-light conditions. Perfect for evening games, backyard fun, or simply adding a twist to regular baseball sessions. Ideal Baseball Gift: A perfect present for baseball enthusiasts, kids, adults, and fans alike, this official-sized light-up baseball brings joy and excitement. It’s an excellent choice for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion, offering an interactive and unique experience. Durable Construction: Crafted to official baseball size and weight standards, the SPARK CATCH Light Up Baseball maintains durability and quality, ensuring consistent performance during play. Its sturdy build ensures lasting entertainment for numerous games. Safe and User-Friendly: This glow-in-the-dark baseball is safe for use, designed with non-toxic materials that emit a luminous glow without causing harm. With easy activation upon impact, it brings an added element of fun without compromising safety.


  • Size: Official baseball size and weight
  • Material: Constructed with durable and safe materials for long-lasting use
  • Illumination: Glows in the dark upon impact, enhancing visibility during night-time play
  • Perfect Gift: Suitable for baseball fans, kids, adults, and enthusiasts for various occasions

The SPARK CATCH Light Up Baseball offers an exciting opportunity to elevate your baseball experience. Designed for night-time play, this glow-in-the-dark baseball illuminates upon impact, making it an engaging and fun choice for players of all ages. It’s an ideal gift, constructed with durability and safety in mind, ensuring lasting enjoyment during baseball games and activities.

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