Fried Chicken Candy


Only stoners will understand

Introducing Fried Chicken Candy: A Unique Tin of Savory-Sweet Delights

Indulge in the unexpected fusion of flavours with this tin of fried chicken-flavoured sweets. Each candy is individually wrapped, ideal for a flavorful conclusion after your boneless bucket feast.

Discover Fried Chicken Candy in a Tin Craving a quirky dessert after savouring your favorite bucket meal. These candies offer a novel twist! Imagine a sugary treat that delivers the essence of fried chicken—surprisingly satisfying and unlike anything you’ve tried. Think of it as the unconventional, meatier version of After Eights, perfectly complementing your post-meal satisfaction. Share the fun with a friend who adores poultry-themed delights for a quirky surprise.

Product Insights: Fried chicken-flavoured candy presented in a retro-style, eye-catching tin. Each candy is individually wrapped for convenience. Tin dimensions are approximately 9.5 x 6.3 cm. Contains 70g of flavorful candy. Experience the savoury-sweet taste of fried chicken, a curious yet intriguing sensation that you’ll have to taste to believe.

Enhance Your Palate with Unique Flavors This unconventional treat invites you to explore the unexpected. With the nostalgic appeal of the tin packaging and the delightful surprise within, these candies offer a curious twist for the adventurous palate. Whether you’re curious about the fusion of sweet and savoury or seeking a playful gift for a poultry enthusiast, Fried Chicken Candy promises an unusual and enjoyable experience.

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