Murakami Balling Watch


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Murakami Balling Watch: A Limited Edition Marvel

The MP-15 by Hublot, limited to just 50 pieces, introduces a central flying tourbillon, a first for the brand. It ingeniously plays with sapphire, creating a captivating visual effect.

Features and Benefits:

Innovative Dial Design: The MP-15 defies convention, integrating the case, movement, and dial into a unique arrangement. Hublot’s inaugural central flying tourbillon takes center stage, surrounded by Takashi Murakami’s sapphire-made flower motif.

Sophisticated Sapphire Craft: Crafted entirely from sapphire, including the case, crown, and strap, this watch maximizes luminosity, allowing light to pass through the intricate floral design, creating stunning visual effects.

Extraordinary Movements:

Hublot’s cutting-edge watchmaking is showcased in its range of innovative “in-house” movements. From the Unico automatic chronograph to impressive power reserves of Meca-10, Tourbillon, and MP-11 calibers, each design epitomizes fusion and functionality.

Mastering Synthetic Sapphire: Through meticulous research, Hublot developed synthetic sapphire, offering transparency and durability. This material transforms each timepiece into a unique work of art, elevating the Murakami Balling Watch into a marvel of watchmaking.

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