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Clean drinking for the forgetful stoner

Self Cleaning Water Bottle: LARQ PureVis Stainless Steel Hydration Solution”

Discover Hydration Innovation with the Self Cleaning Water Bottle by LARQ

Revolutionize your hydration routine with the LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis, a self-cleaning water bottle designed to redefine clean water on the go:

Cutting-Edge Self-Cleaning Technology: Utilizing advanced UV-C LED technology, this water bottle effectively neutralizes odor-causing bacteria and viruses, providing clean, fresh water at your fingertips. With a simple button touch, it self-cleans every 2 hours, ensuring your water remains pristine and odor-free.

Efficient Water Purification: Experience the convenience of rapid water purification in just 60 seconds. This self-cleaning bottle ensures your water is free from impurities, giving you peace of mind throughout your day.

Lightweight and Eco-Friendly Design: Crafted with a single-walled build, this stainless steel bottle is exceptionally lightweight, ensuring easy portability without unnecessary bulk. BPA and plastic-free, it offers chemical-free hydration without the need for replacement filters.

Long-Lasting Performance and Durability: Featuring a USB rechargeable Li-polymer battery, this bottle boasts impressive long-lasting power, lasting up to a month on a full charge. Its IPX7-rated MicroUSB provides waterproof reliability for worry-free hydration anytime, anywhere.


  • Utilizes non-toxic mercury-free UV-C LED technology
  • Capacity: 24oz
  • Rechargeable Li-polymer battery with included USB charging cable
  • EPA Establishment Number 99150-CHN-6

Discover the unparalleled convenience and reliability of the LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis. Embrace the benefits of consistently clean and fresh water without the hassle of traditional filters or the weight of insulated bottles.

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