Smart Bike Helmet


Quicker than your reaction time

Introducing the Smart Bike Helmet – LIVALL EVO21, a cutting-edge innovation in cycling safety gear. Offering unparalleled visibility and smart functionalities, this Bluetooth-enabled helmet enhances rider safety with its 360° warning lights, brake indicators, and turn signals.

Featuring advanced lighting technology, the EVO21 ensures complete visibility from all directions, controlled effortlessly via the handlebar-mounted wireless remote. With its lightweight design and improved ventilation, this helmet reduces sweat while providing a comfortable fit for various head sizes.

Equipped with smart features like auto-standby and auto-wakeup modes, the helmet conserves power intelligently, activating safety lights when needed. The size options cater to a range of head circumferences, ensuring a snug and secure fit for everyone.

Included in the package are the Smart Bluetooth Helmet, Bling Remote Controller BR80, a Quick Start Guide, Magnetic USB Charging Cable, and an Important Information and Warranty Card. Please note that the EVO21 model does not include speaker and intercom functions.

Upgrade your cycling experience with the LIVALL EVO21 Smart Bike Helmet, a state-of-the-art protective gear ensuring increased safety, visibility, and comfort for cyclists

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