Avicii 4 Player Game


Beat Rhythm Game of a Legendary DJ

Avicii 4 Player Game: Engage in the Rhythm of Music and Competition

Features and Benefits: The Avicii 4 Player Game, in its Encore Edition, delivers an exceptional musical gaming experience. Boasting an anthology of 35 hit Avicii anthems, including 10 new tracks from the acclaimed posthumous album, Tim, this game immerses players in a sonic journey. Traverse through six captivating worlds, each intricately wrapped in Avicii’s mesmerizing tunes. With three complexity levels, players can elevate the challenge to suit their skill, inviting a dynamic experience for both casual players and seasoned gamers.

Specifications: This game invites solo players or up to 4 friends to join in split-screen multiplayer action. The collaborative gameplay allows friends to immerse themselves in Avicii’s music and compete against each other, fostering an exhilarating environment to set and surpass high scores. With the added feature of Global Leaderboards, players can compare their achievements worldwide, aiming to ascend to the top rankings.

The Avicii 4 Player Game, in its Encore Edition, combines the essence of Avicii’s iconic music with thrilling gaming dynamics. With a collection of tracks that blend seamlessly into six vividly designed worlds, players can lose themselves in a symphony of sight and sound. Whether navigating through levels solo or engaging in multiplayer mayhem with friends, the game offers a thrilling experience, encouraging players to feel the pulse of Avicii’s music while chasing high scores and global recognition.

This musical gaming extravaganza is a testament to Avicii’s legacy, offering an interactive and engaging tribute to his remarkable musical journey.

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