Cannabis Odor Spray


Save weed smells, not your B.O

Cannabis Odor Spray: Natural Wintergreen Solution

Introduction: Banish cannabis odours effectively with our Cannabis Odor Spray. Crafted with a natural wintergreen formula, it swiftly eliminates unwanted smells, ensuring a refreshed atmosphere.

Effective Odor Elimination: Our spray efficiently neutralizes cannabis odours from air, fabrics, and various surfaces without leaving any harsh residues. Its potent yet gentle formula ensures rapid removal of unwelcome scents.

Safe and Portable: Formulated with non-toxic ingredients and conveniently sized at 2 fl. oz., it’s safe around people and pets. Perfect for on-the-go odour elimination in hotel rooms, clothing, cars, and more.

Specifications/Benefits: Developed and perfected over 30 years in the USA, our Cannabis Odor Spray is environmentally conscious. Its biodegradable nature and recyclable packaging emphasize its commitment to eco-friendliness. The compact design ensures easy portability, making it a convenient choice for immediate odour removal.

Experience the efficient and natural odour-eliminating power of our Cannabis Odor Spray, providing a quick solution to banish unwanted cannabis smells from your surroundings.

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