Hitoki Trident: The Laser Bong

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Laser Combustion Smoking Device, What?

Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a vape aficionado, it’s time to get your hands on the world’s cleanest smoke. Introducing The Trident, the first clean laser combustion smoking device on the market. This innovative, patent-pending design combines a classic ritual with modern technology to create the ultimate smoking experience, featuring a modern minimalist design and removable magnetic mouthpiece for easy cleaning. With The Trident, smokers can now enjoy clean, smooth smoke without the harmful toxins that are caused by burning. The Trident is equipped with a powerful laser that quickly heats the herbs to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, vaporizing them into smoke-free vapor without combustion. Many people use The Trident as an alternative to traditional smoking because it produces only vapor and herb goodness when it’s used.

What are the other benefits of using The Trident? Because The Trident does not produce smoke-filled air, there is no smell in the room and no lingering taste, just sweet herb.

1x Trident
1x USB-C charging cable
1x High output adaptor
1x Loading chamber
1x Silicone hookah hose
1x Hose connecter
1x Metal compressor

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